The World Forum for Religions and Cultures of the Holy Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus has hosted the following World Conferences until today.

First World Conference
The 1st World Conference took place at the Archangelos Conference centre in Lefkosia between March 8 and 11, 2002.
Schedule of the first World ConferenceNames of the Participants

The Proceedings of the Conference were published by the Holy Kykkos Monastery under the title: First World Conference of Religions and Cultures, Proceedings of a Peace Conference (ed. G. Andreadis, Chr. Yallouridis), Kykkos Monastery 2003.

Second World Conference
The 2nd World Conference took also place at the Archangelos conference centre in Lefkosia, between May 2 and 5, 2003 and was devoted to the Issue of:
“Ecumenism and Culture in the Globalization era: paths of Peace”.
Schedule of the 2nd World Conference

Third World Conference

The 3rd World Conference took place in Athens.

The Foundation - Background of the World Forum